Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life is hectic.

Wow, life has been non-stop lately. I have barely had time to breath. I probably look like one of these poor little guys to anyone watching.

I promise to post something interesting soon!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outfits and all that.

I'm a big fan of seeing peoples daily outfits. Everyone seems to be so cool and stylish and have handy photographers to take the photos. As for me, well I only have moments of brilliance when it comes to dressing like that and my male flatmates aren't jumping at the chance to photograph me.

Thankfully, my darling friend Nat has agreed to take photos of me when I've actually managed to put on clothes other then my university 'uniform' of jeans and a singlet top. I seem to fall more into this trap of wearing the same sort of clothes during winter when its freezing and the wind blows through you since I mostly chuck my big jacket on over top so I don't get hypothermia (which is highly possible considering I got hypothermia in the middle of summer on a 26 degree Celsius day).
Today, however, I succeeded in wearing other clothes. My style is not static at all. One day I might wear a really feminine dress and the next some short shorts and skater shoes. It really depends on my mood. It rained ALL day which did nothing for my hair... you can see the frizz in the photos but it also meant that one of the good looking air force officers in my papers walked me to the library under his umbrella :)

Black Grecian style dress
Black cardigans x 2
Black stockings x 2 (its really cold here!)
Black leather jacket
Black trench coat
White and Black scarf
Large Leaf necklace

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of freedom and beauty.

I could ask for no better friend then that of my best friend, S-A. Although our friendship has been mainly long distant, I am closer to no one and love her implicitly. S-A fostered my love of horses and riding, she helped me feel beautiful when I wore my glasses, she was there when my mum had cancer. She also allowed me to photograph her riding Toby bareback widely through the forest without a saddle and bridle in my first real photo shoot. You gotta love her for that.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slope be mine.

Mt Ruapehu by cynical pink

Snowboarding Haiku by Kate Friday

Sharp ice under snow
bites my knees and bum so cold
as I fall and roll

Graceful as a swan
is all that I wish to be
but am a wombat

Cold snow down my butt
sore muscles crying in pain
i am so alive

Ah yes. There is nothing better then a great day up the mountain boarding with friends. Wind in your hair, sun on your face and snow down your pants, up your sleeves and in your mouth... who could ask for more?

Whoever decided to put my university only two hours away from the mountain was a genius! It's so easy just to pop up north a bit for a day on the slopes. I don't think this was why the hallowed university founders chose this location... they probably had something like academics in mind but its bloody convenient for those of us who love the snow.

Some of my friends and I headed up the mountain today. Gosh it was amazing. Maori believe that everyone is defined by their family, a mountain and a river. For me, Mt Ruapehu is my mountain. I learnt to ski and snowboard on these slopes as a youngin' and when I first moved out of home, Mt Ruapehu could be seen from the road my house was on. Everytime I see Ruapehu and his brother mountain Ngauruhoe, I get a little bit choked up. Yep... I'm such a girl.

The weather was fantastic. Sunny with a nice breeze to keep us cool. You wouldn't think you would need a breeze on the mountain but it can get pretty hot with all your jackets and other gear on.

I'm pretty amateur compared to my other boarder friends, I'm a way better skiier but I hate ski boots so I gave up that sport. Usually I'll go off by myself for a few hours so they can get some really good rides in without being hindered by me. I actually really enjoy boarding by myself. Its something magical being on that mountain with only your thoughts for company (that's if you ignore the hundreds of other mountain goers all around you). It's also really great when you fall over because you're friends aren't there to snigger at you and because of all your gear, you can be pretty anonymous to everyone else.

We got home pretty late, probably because we stopped at the Ohakune carrot to let our inner tourist come out, that is take multiple pictures with bad poses. I'll be dreaming of snow down my pants tonight.

Friday, July 30, 2010

These mad skills.

pomparkour (n): a mash up of pompier, parkour and some other crazy stuff. Its pretty much a super hardcore form of urban traverse that uses a lot of the same skills as parkour, combined with a special portable ladder to take it to the next level.

I am in awe. These guys are just plain amazing. I use words like amazing, fantastic, and incredible so often that now I feel that none of these words describe them adequately. Seriously, I think my ovaries started pounding when I saw their skills. Can someone hook me up with them? I mean they live in New Zealand so I think I could make a relationship work. Seriously! Think about the strength they would need to perform these tricks.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flying high.

As well as being a University city, the place I call home is also home to a Air Force base and a Army base. You can't go into town without seeing a man or woman in green or blue. This is not a bad thing as I am quite partial to a man in uniform. And don't go pretending you don't know what I am talking about, most woman love a fit man in a tight uniform. My flatmates like to remind me of this fact as they ask all my guy friends who come over if they are in the army or air force. Granted, the answer is usually yes but that is only because I am studying Defence at University. They find this hilarious though and mock me mercilessly. I guess that's what you get for flatting with 3 boys (as well as dirty jokes and constant references to parts of their bodies I don't want to think about).

It also happens that one of my best friends flats with two air force guys and goes out with another and since her flat is my second home I spend a lot of time with them. This is a good thing since I have always been a bit of tomboy and these guys help me live out my tomboy needs. Like playing video games.

And wearing air force hats.

Living in this town really does have its advantages. Even if it is really windy most of the time.

Denim dress (that needs to be taken in) - $5.00 off trade-me
Cream and brown belt
Black tights
White skite shoes - $8.00 from The Warehouse
Black synthetic leather jacket - $40.00 from Jay Jays (one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe)
AND pilfered Air Force hat - free from Adam's bedroom

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have a problem.

I love my check flannel shirt. I can throw it on in the morning when I am in a rush and still feel pretty sexy. It makes me feel comfy and loved. Since it's oversized it looks like I could have pulled it out of my boyfriends drawers and put it on to be reminded of him throughout the day. That's if I had a boyfriend, which I don't. In reality, I bought the shirt from The Warehouse for $10.

Even without the boyfriend factor, flannel shirts are fantastic. Well that's what I thought until I walked into my lecture today. Behold in front of me sat the best looking guy in the paper, wearing a gorgeous smile and a blue check shirt, much like the one I had on. I know there is always a chance that someone may have the same clothing as me but the best looking guy? Thankfully we're friends so I sauntered over to him and our conversation went something like this .

"Hey hottie, nice shirt" (Actually I didn't say the hottie part, I was just thinking it)

He looked at me, looked down at his shirt and then back at me.

"Kaaate, you've got good taste"

"Thanks. Have you been following me around and trying to dress like me? That's kinda creepy"

"Me? Following you? You're wearing a man shirt"

"Dam. Yea well...."

That's where my wittyness stopped. Not that it really started.

Later on in the lecture I was heating up a bit (Defence papers will do that to you) and took the shirt off to reveal a black tank top beneath. Then I looked over at the best looking guy only to see that he had also heated up a bit too (I'm going to say I had that affect on him) and had also taken his check shirt off and was wearing a black wife beater, one that looked very similar to my top.

Apparently I dress like a man. Thankfully he's a good looking man with a great sense of humour so I'm okay with that.

Oh check shirt. You are full of wonders.