Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flying high.

As well as being a University city, the place I call home is also home to a Air Force base and a Army base. You can't go into town without seeing a man or woman in green or blue. This is not a bad thing as I am quite partial to a man in uniform. And don't go pretending you don't know what I am talking about, most woman love a fit man in a tight uniform. My flatmates like to remind me of this fact as they ask all my guy friends who come over if they are in the army or air force. Granted, the answer is usually yes but that is only because I am studying Defence at University. They find this hilarious though and mock me mercilessly. I guess that's what you get for flatting with 3 boys (as well as dirty jokes and constant references to parts of their bodies I don't want to think about).

It also happens that one of my best friends flats with two air force guys and goes out with another and since her flat is my second home I spend a lot of time with them. This is a good thing since I have always been a bit of tomboy and these guys help me live out my tomboy needs. Like playing video games.

And wearing air force hats.

Living in this town really does have its advantages. Even if it is really windy most of the time.

Denim dress (that needs to be taken in) - $5.00 off trade-me
Cream and brown belt
Black tights
White skite shoes - $8.00 from The Warehouse
Black synthetic leather jacket - $40.00 from Jay Jays (one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe)
AND pilfered Air Force hat - free from Adam's bedroom


  1. Thank you so much:)

    You have such an awesome blog, I love the fact that you post the cool-est stuff:)

    have a magical SUnday:)
    Lots of hugs

  2. thanks ana! that's so kind of you :)


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