Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have a problem.

I love my check flannel shirt. I can throw it on in the morning when I am in a rush and still feel pretty sexy. It makes me feel comfy and loved. Since it's oversized it looks like I could have pulled it out of my boyfriends drawers and put it on to be reminded of him throughout the day. That's if I had a boyfriend, which I don't. In reality, I bought the shirt from The Warehouse for $10.

Even without the boyfriend factor, flannel shirts are fantastic. Well that's what I thought until I walked into my lecture today. Behold in front of me sat the best looking guy in the paper, wearing a gorgeous smile and a blue check shirt, much like the one I had on. I know there is always a chance that someone may have the same clothing as me but the best looking guy? Thankfully we're friends so I sauntered over to him and our conversation went something like this .

"Hey hottie, nice shirt" (Actually I didn't say the hottie part, I was just thinking it)

He looked at me, looked down at his shirt and then back at me.

"Kaaate, you've got good taste"

"Thanks. Have you been following me around and trying to dress like me? That's kinda creepy"

"Me? Following you? You're wearing a man shirt"

"Dam. Yea well...."

That's where my wittyness stopped. Not that it really started.

Later on in the lecture I was heating up a bit (Defence papers will do that to you) and took the shirt off to reveal a black tank top beneath. Then I looked over at the best looking guy only to see that he had also heated up a bit too (I'm going to say I had that affect on him) and had also taken his check shirt off and was wearing a black wife beater, one that looked very similar to my top.

Apparently I dress like a man. Thankfully he's a good looking man with a great sense of humour so I'm okay with that.

Oh check shirt. You are full of wonders.


  1. LOl.. It's alright, basics are basics. A shame you didn't have a chance to compare underwear with him! ;)

  2. Ohhh I wish! But probably not a suitable thing to do in the lecture theatre :P

  3. lol! i love this post...i can totally see myself doing and thinking the same things.

    thanks for visting my blog!

    how didn't i know about you before now?!

  4. Thanks Paige!! I love your blog. And I'm a newborn into the world of blogging, so I'm reaching out and networking :)

  5. hahahah awesome post! I probably would've said something super creepy to him like, today was a coincidence, but tomorrow i'll be lurking at your window to see what you're wearing again.
    i love plaid, precisely because it looks great on everyone.. guys and girls! and you can wear it a million different ways :)

  6. Lol! Yea I know where he lives so that could work but I'm not quite that desperate yet :P And yes.. plaid is amazing!!!


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