Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of freedom and beauty.

I could ask for no better friend then that of my best friend, S-A. Although our friendship has been mainly long distant, I am closer to no one and love her implicitly. S-A fostered my love of horses and riding, she helped me feel beautiful when I wore my glasses, she was there when my mum had cancer. She also allowed me to photograph her riding Toby bareback widely through the forest without a saddle and bridle in my first real photo shoot. You gotta love her for that.


  1. Fab photos, I especially love the first and the third, very unique.
    What camera do you use?

    Thanks for checking out my blog,
    Robbie xox


  2. Thanks Robbie. Umm that is a very good question. This was taken with my old digital camera.. I can't remember what kind at the moment. Currently, I am cameraless. Its really really irritating as I love to take photos.


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