Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Outfits and all that.

I'm a big fan of seeing peoples daily outfits. Everyone seems to be so cool and stylish and have handy photographers to take the photos. As for me, well I only have moments of brilliance when it comes to dressing like that and my male flatmates aren't jumping at the chance to photograph me.

Thankfully, my darling friend Nat has agreed to take photos of me when I've actually managed to put on clothes other then my university 'uniform' of jeans and a singlet top. I seem to fall more into this trap of wearing the same sort of clothes during winter when its freezing and the wind blows through you since I mostly chuck my big jacket on over top so I don't get hypothermia (which is highly possible considering I got hypothermia in the middle of summer on a 26 degree Celsius day).
Today, however, I succeeded in wearing other clothes. My style is not static at all. One day I might wear a really feminine dress and the next some short shorts and skater shoes. It really depends on my mood. It rained ALL day which did nothing for my hair... you can see the frizz in the photos but it also meant that one of the good looking air force officers in my papers walked me to the library under his umbrella :)

Black Grecian style dress
Black cardigans x 2
Black stockings x 2 (its really cold here!)
Black leather jacket
Black trench coat
White and Black scarf
Large Leaf necklace


  1. you look just great:) so effortless and chic:)

    Lots of hugs

  2. Great necklace and I love Grecian dresses :)


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