Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slope be mine.

Mt Ruapehu by cynical pink

Snowboarding Haiku by Kate Friday

Sharp ice under snow
bites my knees and bum so cold
as I fall and roll

Graceful as a swan
is all that I wish to be
but am a wombat

Cold snow down my butt
sore muscles crying in pain
i am so alive

Ah yes. There is nothing better then a great day up the mountain boarding with friends. Wind in your hair, sun on your face and snow down your pants, up your sleeves and in your mouth... who could ask for more?

Whoever decided to put my university only two hours away from the mountain was a genius! It's so easy just to pop up north a bit for a day on the slopes. I don't think this was why the hallowed university founders chose this location... they probably had something like academics in mind but its bloody convenient for those of us who love the snow.

Some of my friends and I headed up the mountain today. Gosh it was amazing. Maori believe that everyone is defined by their family, a mountain and a river. For me, Mt Ruapehu is my mountain. I learnt to ski and snowboard on these slopes as a youngin' and when I first moved out of home, Mt Ruapehu could be seen from the road my house was on. Everytime I see Ruapehu and his brother mountain Ngauruhoe, I get a little bit choked up. Yep... I'm such a girl.

The weather was fantastic. Sunny with a nice breeze to keep us cool. You wouldn't think you would need a breeze on the mountain but it can get pretty hot with all your jackets and other gear on.

I'm pretty amateur compared to my other boarder friends, I'm a way better skiier but I hate ski boots so I gave up that sport. Usually I'll go off by myself for a few hours so they can get some really good rides in without being hindered by me. I actually really enjoy boarding by myself. Its something magical being on that mountain with only your thoughts for company (that's if you ignore the hundreds of other mountain goers all around you). It's also really great when you fall over because you're friends aren't there to snigger at you and because of all your gear, you can be pretty anonymous to everyone else.

We got home pretty late, probably because we stopped at the Ohakune carrot to let our inner tourist come out, that is take multiple pictures with bad poses. I'll be dreaming of snow down my pants tonight.


  1. I love the snow too, although I could never give up skiing to start boarding (even if the equipment is a million times cuter!) because I would hate having to go back to the beginning! As much as I love the summer right now I'm excited for getting to the mountains again!

    Your photos are great, I LOVE the huge carrot! lol

  2. Yea its annoying having to suck so badly but I really enjoy snowboarding. I feel way more awesome doing it too :) But boy, I really am looking forward to summer though. Maybe if I get a season pass next year for the mountain I'll enjoy winter more.


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